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Name: Apprise Consulting Pty Ltd
Location: Melbourne, Victoria, Australia
Phone: +61 477 834 007


Apprise Consulting Pty Ltd

About Me

Apprise Consulting aims to provide quality students to Australian Institutes within the Asia Pacific region, with a handheld service that offers guidance & cultural awareness with respect to the relocation of our international candidates.
 Our behavioural attributes allow us to be successful.
 We are a robust business that invests immense energy to research markets.
 We have a strong background of experience in International Recruitment and the various processes required.
Our Philosophy & Cultural Awareness
Our philosophy to be open and honest with everyone we deal with and treat people with respect ensuring a successful outcome for both parties.
Apprise Consulting regards its two most important attributes to be our determination and ability to listen to our client’s needs.
Our cultural awareness and respect for both the Client and employees alike has consistently demonstrated a ‘perfect fit’ across a diverse field of industry.

Education Agent Experience

All Apprise Consulting Education Agents hold the QAEC Certificate – Qualified Education Agent Counselor

Apprise Consulting additionally is a highly successful International Recruitment Company providing staff to National Corporations throughout Australia. Our Consultants and Education Agents can assist students recruited by our business to locate employment meeting the number of eligible hours allowed to work whilst studying in Australia.

Institutions Representative

Apprise Consulting presently hold certification for representation to:
Einstein University – Melbourne Australia
Australian College of Applied Education – Perth Western Australia
Australian School of Management – Perth Western Australia