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Name: Egal Askar


Egal Askar

About Me

I am a qualified Education Agent in Australia and Canada. I can assist you with student visa and finding you the school or university you want to study in, anywhere in Australia And Canada regardless of your country of origin and your passport.

Special Deals

I can offer all deals that matters your career of education for a low cost and professional expert guidance in Australia and Canada.

Education Agent Experience

Askar International Academic pathways.
We can assist you in getting your student visa & enrolling in the school or college best suited to you.
Qualified and licensed for Nafsa, IETC, FCRO, And ECE.

Qualified agent – QEAC


Askar International Academic Pathways
Registered In Australia, Canada And Somalia.
International Student Agent Consultant
Qualified agent – QEAC

Institutions Representative

I represent different institutions especially English schools located in Sydney and Melbourne as well ass colleges and universities in Australia and Canada.