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AGB Foundation skills (1) 2-Vocational Courses

If you have a passion for design or want to broaden your skills as a construction worker, AGB Human Resources’ Civil and Hydraulic Design courses are for you.

Get a competitive edge by learning how to use computer software to generate designs for civil works. The skills you learn will open up exciting career opportunities in your industry or allow you to support professional engineers.

Our trainers are fully qualified industry professionals who will teach you how to apply the course skills to your specific industry, including Plumbing, Civil Construction and Hydraulic services.

Available courses:

  1. (079633C) CPC40912 Certificate IV in Plumbing and Services
  2. (079634B) CPC50612 Diploma of Hydraulic Services Design
  3. (084030K) RII40813 Certificate IV in Civil Construction Design
  4. (084031J) RII50513 Diploma of Civil Construction Design
  5. (084032G) RII60513 Advanced Diploma of Civil Construction Design

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