English + Advanced Diploma of Travel and Tourism

The advanced diploma of Travel and Tourism is designed for those seeking senior management roles in the tourism industry. You will gain extensive industry knowledge, wide-ranging of managerial skills and the ability to make effective strategic decisions. Areas of focus include product development, international marketing and more.

Career opportunities

Senior management roles in any sector of the travel and tourism industry. Possible job titles include general manager(marketing, product development), business development manager, business operations manager.

With this package students get a visa for the entire course, almost 3.5 years.

All prices below are in Australian Dollar.

Course FeesCosts (AUD)
Enrolment Fee$ 200.00
Material Fee$ 300.00
10 weeks English preparation$ 1700.00
Certificate lll in Tourism$ 5980.00
Diploma of Travel and Tourism$ 5980.00
Advanced Diploma of Travel and Tourism$ 5980.00
Total Course Fee$ 20140.00
PaymentsAmount (AUD)
1-Enrolment Fee$ 200.00
2-English Material Fee$ 60.00
3-Tuition – 10 weeks English$ 1700.00
4-Travel and Tourism – term 1 deposit$ 1000.00
5-Travel and Tourism Material Fee$ 240.00
6-Tuition – term 1(deposit deducted)$ 495.00
7-Tuition – term 2$ 1495.00
8-Tuition – term 3$ 1495.00
9-Tuition – term 4$ 1495.00
10-Tuition – term 5$ 1495.00
11-Tuition – term 6$ 1495.00
12-Tuition – term 7$ 1495.00
13-Tuition – term 8$ 1495.00
14-Tuition – term 9$ 1495.00
15-Tuition – term 10$ 1495.00
16-Tuition – term 11$ 1495.00
17-Tuition – term 12$ 1495.00
Total Course Fee$ 20140.00
Payment required before start (1,2,3,4)$ 2960.00
Payment required before start term 1 (5,6) => $ 735.00
Remaining payments 7,8,9,10,11,12,13,14,15,16,17 => $ 1495.00 required before the start of each term

Each term takes around 3 month (usually 9 weeks studying and 3 weeks holiday).

International Students will have extra costs with visa application and Health Cover.

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