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Studying in Western Australia

Australia is an internationally renowned quality study destination to almost 550,000 international students from over 80 countries. International students enjoy the advantages that come with living in Australia’s clean, natural environment and enjoy a sophisticated multicultural experience in a safe and friendly community.

An Australian education experience provides the additional benefits of living in a social culture and academic environment which encourages exchange of ideas and perspectives, and development of lifelong personal and professional networks.

Australia’s world class and world standard education allows students to select areas of study which suit their career aspirations.


Perth Airport is approximately 18 kilometres to the city centre and APSI.

The Australian Dollar(A$) comes in denominations of A$100, A$50, A$20, A$10 and A$5 notes, and A$2, A$1, 50C, 20C, 10C and 5C coins

The Economist Intelligence Unit rates
Perth one of the top 10 most livable cities in the past years ( 2004-2013)

Australia: 23 Million
Western Australia: 2.43 Million
Perth: 1.70 Million and growing!

▼ Summer: Dec, Jan, Feb
(25 C to 38 C)
▼ Autumn: Mar, Apr, May
(14 C to 24 C)
▼ Winter: Jun, Jul, Aug
(10 C to 18 C)
▼ Spring: Sept, Oct, Nov
(12 C to 21 C)

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