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The Diploma of Remedial Massage provides the skills for treating clients with specific needs such as injury management, rehabilitation, palliative care, aged care, women and children and practitioners at this level may supervise other therapists.

This course is suitable for:

• Those planning to pursue a career as remedial massage practitioner.

• Those wishing to enter a different industry sector.

• Those wishing to pathway into higher level qualifications in remedial passage or other related qualifications.

Duration: 66 weeks  –  Hours: 20 hours per week

Entry Requirements

• IELTS 5.5 or equivalent or

• minimum 4 weeks upper intermediate level at UIT.

• minimum of year 12 or equivalent

• minimum age of 18

Course Arrangement

Unit CodeUnit NameDuration
 CHCORG428A Reflect on and improve own professional practice 120 hours
 HLTAP501C Analyse health information 30 hours
 HLTCOM502C Develop professional expertise 40 hours
 HLTCOM503D Manage a practice 50 hours
 HLTHIR501C Maintain an effective health work environment 20 hours
 HLTHIR506C Implement and monitor compliance with legal and ethical requirements 50 hours
 HLTREM502C Provide remedial massage treatment 240 hours
 HLTREM503C Plan remedial massage treatment strategy 40 hours
 HLTREM504C Apply remedial massage assessment framework 40 hours
 HLTREM505C Perform remedial massage health assessment 200 hours
 HLTREM510B Provide specialised remedial massage treatments(Pre-Requisites – HLTREM502C, HLTREM503C, HLTREM504C) 40 hours
 HLTREM512C Provide remedial massage treatments within a corporate setting 50 hours
 HLTREM513C Provide remedial massage treatment to athletes 50 hours
 HLTCOM510B Provide services to clients with chronic diseases or conditions 50 hours
 Total hours = 1020

Preferred pathways

Upon completion of this program selected units from this qualification can be used as credit towards other qualifications such as HLT51407 Diploma of Aromatherapy.

Occupational titles

• Massage therapist

• Massage therapy practitioner

• Assistant massage therapist

Assessment Methods

Assessment tasks are varied and comprise of Observation, Portfolio, Role Play, Project, and Questions. Research activities will be conducted online and using reference material.

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