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Name: Vedad - Education Agent
Location: Australia
Phone: Mobile: +61 420 345145


Vedad – Education Agent

About Me

I am a qualified Education Agent here in Australia. I can assist you with student visa and finding you the school or university you want to study in, anywhere in Australia.
There is no cost to you as a student and its free. Please contact me and we can discuss your needs and we'll find you the best place of education that is suited to you.

For onshore students who want to change courses or take up other educational studies please contact me to discuss your needs. Whether you want to learn English, do a bachelors degree, masters or a PhD, or even high school I can find you the institution that will be the best for your to study in.

Special Deals

If you want to study in Australia, then there are many options and deals depending on what you want to study. Let me know what you want to study and I will find the best option for you.

Education Agent Experience

Studying in Australia is a great option. We can assist you in getting your student visa & enrolling in the school or college best suited to you.


Vedad Badiyan
International Student Agent Consultant
Qualified agent – QEAC K157

Australia Experience

Australia is a beautiful country. Full of wild life, beautiful natural habitat and the most important wonderful diversity of beautiful people.

Institutions Representative

There are several educational institutions that I can assist you with. English schools, primary or high schools, technical colleges, Film making and media schools and universities. Please drop me a line and tell me what you need and we will discuss it further.